Honored Senior Rotarians


As Greg Hatcher was planning his year to be the President of the Rotary Club of Little Rock during the Centennial Year of Rotary in 2004-2005 he wanted to do something to recognize the rich history of Club 99. The Rotary Club of Little Rock is the 13th largest of the over 32,000 Clubs in the world and the 99th oldest Club in the world. It was evident early on that it was the people or the members of Club 99 which made the Club so special. Each week President Hatcher highlighted one of the Senior Rotarians in the Club and gave a brief overview of their life and then presented them a history book on Rotary International’s First 100 Years. These Senior Honorees have been members of our Club for at least a quarter century or more of these first 100 years with a couple members being around for more than half of a century.

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