Twenty minutes in the morning! If I could go back to high school and junior high and know what I know now I can’t imagine how much better an athlete I would be. One of the things I would do differently is I would set my alarm clock 20 minutes earlier and get up and do some kind of work out each day. It might be a two or three mile jog; it might be juggling a soccer ball; it might be working on some special shots in basketball, doing some receiver routes for football or jumping rope; but I would put in my 20 minutes every day.

Twenty minutes of extra practice time multiplied by 365 days a year is 7,300 extra minutes, or 121.6 extra hours of practice. Assuming a typical practice lasts an hour and a half, that is like getting in 81 extra practices per year. Considering the fact that a normal season is approximately 3 months long, and you only practice 5 days a week, then 5 days a week times 12 weeks would be 60 practices a season. So, by creating those 81 extra practices a year, you’re basically getting an extra season and a half of practices just by working on your own. I can assure you that an extra season and a half of practices will make almost anybody better than someone that doesn’t put in the extra time.

Success is a choice; being great is a choice; and the choice is yours. The question is, are you really willing to pay the price for success? If you go back to chapter one you will see that on the Wall of Fame, the seventh honoree is Jesus and under his name it says “Are you willing to pay the price for success?” More than anything else in life, it is your desire and your ability to be disciplined to pay that price that will make you successful.

On the next page you will find a true story about Ron Burton who was a football player. This true story is told by Oscar Rowan, an All-Pro tight end for the Cleveland Browns. I think you will find that Ron was lucky–he had a coach that believed in him early enough and gave him the challenge early enough to make him great. I hope that you will take the Ron Burton Challenge as well and that you have read this book early enough that it could really help you.

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