I “Outrageous Service” Philosophies

Chapter 1: Just Win the Damn Ballgame!
Chapter 2: The Definition of Outrageous Service
Chapter 3: The History of The Hatcher Agency
Chapter 4: Outrageous Work Hours (24 Hours a Day, Of Course)
Chapter 5: Tell People what you are going To Do and then Do It (It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.)
Chapter 6: On Your Worst Day You Must Still Be Very Good
Chapter 7: Hatcher Agency Employee Job Description
Chapter 8: Brainwash yourself on the Way to Work
Chapter 9: There is No Off Switch on A Tiger
Chapter 10: Our Attitude Is the Difference
Chapter 11: “Outrageous Service” Means Saying NO Too
Chapter 12: If I Were A Car Salesman, I Would Sell Cadillacs
Chapter 13: Honesty Is the Best Policy
Chapter 14: Swim Upstream

II “Outrageous Service” Tools

Chapter 15: A Two-Dollar Bill for a One Percent Improvement
Chapter 16: Five Thank You Notes per Week
Chapter 17: Donuts in the Morning, Cookies in the Afternoon
Chapter 18: Holiday Cards
Chapter 19: Progress Notes
Chapter 20: Everybody Loves a T-shirt
Chapter 21: Voicemail by Request Only
Chapter 22: We Deliver
Chapter 23: The Enrollment Van
Chapter 24: Goodwill Calls
Chapter 25: Expressions of Sympathy
Chapter 26: The Blue Sheet
Chapter 27: Employee Birthdays and Anniversaries
Chapter 28: Fax Updates
Chapter 29: A Dictation Unit is a Must
Chapter 30: Birthday Cards

III “Outrageous Service” Ideas

Chapter 31: You Cannot Deliver “Outrageous Service” with High Turnover
Chapter 32: You Have Made A Mistake That Hurt A Customer… Now What?
Chapter 33: Administrative Bonuses for All Employees
Chapter 34: Staff Meeting at 7:00 a.m.
Chapter 35: Hatcher Time (The Hatcher Agency On-time Rules)
Chapter 36: Be A List Maker
Chapter 37: Write It Down
Chapter 38: How About a Personal Coach?
Chapter 39: Seek First to Understand… Then To Be Understood

IV “Outrageous Service” Equals Outrageous Sales

Chapter 40: Incentives Must Be Service to Ensure Great Service
Chapter 41: The Dan Gable Story
Chapter 42: “Outrageous Service” Will Get You Referrals
Chapter 43: You Can Have Everything In Life You Want…
Chapter 44: Fax Information on Your Company Prior To the Appointment
Chapter 45: Be a Community Volunteer
Chapter 46: Become the Best at What You Do and You will Never Have to Prospect Again
Chapter 47: Cross Training

V Outrageous Education and Training

Chapter 48: Fringe and Intangible Benefits can Lower Turnover and Improve Service
Chapter 49: Yes, We Have a Full Time Trainer
Chapter 50: All Employees Go To Insurance School
Chapter 51: Videotaped Training Sessions and Give Exams
Chapter 52: Read A Book A Month
Chapter 53: Speaker of the Month

VI Some Final Thoughts

Chapter 54: Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
Chapter 55: Swing for the Fences

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